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8.20.2009   Class is in session
Everything worked out eventually, and I was able to get some loans in order to attend school. No grant money for me since my spouse apparently makes too much money even with my almost total lack of income.

It's the first week of class and so far I think I like it. It's bit confusing to be back in the school environment, even though it's college it feels just like high school again for me.

I'm riding my bicycle to school every day that I can. I'd like to say it's only because I want to, but the truth is I'm dead broke and the choice is either have food to eat or drive to school. I wonder how many others in this country will start riding bicycle simply because they have lost the means to put gas in their car.
7.25.2009   Red tape
Well I think I got through most of the red tape for financial aid. It looks like it's a sure thing that I'll be back in college this fall.

Other red tape I'm trying to cut through now is wrapped around the my idea to start an alternative energy business installing wind generators and solar arrays. My ideas for bicycle generators and electric motors also fit into that somewhere as well.
7.17.2009   Back to school... again
After a week or so of muddling around the house looking for a new way to earn a living, I decided that it was time to get back to my first love, science!

Not really having the resources to do anything on my own (life savings = $4), I decided maybe it's time to go back to school and get a piece of paper. More importantly it will give me the chance to meet folks with similar goals and perhaps access to employers that won't give me the time of day currently. Let's not forget the labs and equipment to research some of the alternative energy ideas I've been thinking about recently.

So once again I'm making a sharp turn in the road of life, good thing I ditched the life-car for a life-cycle cuz I sure can't afford gas. I'll hopefully be attending fall classes at LCCC (if I can work out the finical aid), and the best part is that there is a bike trail that from very near my house all the way to the college.

Of corse I will still keep making bicycle related videos, and maybe get some more motivation to improve the features on this site.
7.7.2009   Over before it begins
After traveling a total of over 300 miles and having some interesting adventures, meeting new folks and facing some hardships it has come to an end for now.

The site will remain on as a vehicle for me to continue my YouTube show about cycling. I want to use it to collect useful information to help touring cyclists. It may eventuality serve as a site for a shop I hope to open.

6.30.2009   Sick
Got exteremly sick at the end of my 4th day out. It especially sucked ass because I had already overcome 2 bicycle breakdowns that day. I decided it was best to get well at home then hit the road again. Third times the charm they say, we'll see I guess

6.26.2009   Broke my ass
After meeting a new friend in Sandusky, Ohio. I struk out the next day, by the time I got to Fremont, Ohio my ass was telling me it was time to give it a rest.

6.24.2009   On the road
I headed out today, and made it 40 miles in the first day. Not really in the direction I needed to go. Let's call it a shakedown cruise. I'll spend the night once more back home, and after I fix a few minor problem encountered on the first day, I'll strike out again tomorrow in the correct direction.

6.20.2009   Almost ready to set out
Nearly ready to get this thing started. Just have to pack everything on the bike. EXCITING!

6.15.2009   New Site
I'm very excited to be creating a new site and getting ready for the adventure of my life. I can't wait see what adventures lay ahead of me in the bicycle frontier.

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